Monday, March 23, 2015

Thunderclap Promo: HEAT series by Kailin Gow

From the author of the Master Chefs Series, PULSE Series, DESIRE Series, SESSIONS, Barely Legal, The Blue Room Series, Saving You Saving Me, and the Protege Series, comes...HEAT! 

Bobby Cummings went to Paris to study at the same international culinary institute as his sister Taryn Cummings. Instead of taking it seriously as she did, he wanted to sample all the goods in Paris, especially the pretty girls there. Why not? He was 19 and the world was his oyster. He wanted to be just like Errol King, a Master Chef, who taught at the Institute and was a notorious bad boy chef. 

The only thing was someone was going to walk into his life and put a wrench into his plans...someone with eyes like violets and hair like chocolate silk, and a smoldering passion that consumes him whenever they're together. 

He didn't think she would be his type at all. He didn't think he would be hot for Lily, his teacher at the Culinary Institute. Now what would Taryn think? What would Errol think? 

Whatever they thought...there's one thing he knew for certain, things with Lily and at the Institute had just gotten heated. 

Related book series to HEAT: 
            - Master Chefs Series (3 Books - Series Complete.  Devour Me, Savor Me, and Consume Me). - This is the series that comes chronologically before HEAT.  HEAT is a separate series that can be alone from the Master Chefs Series, but has most of the characters from the Master Chefs Series.

            - Oyster House Serial (4 Books Planned for the Serial.) - Features Leopold Lee, friend of Bobby Cummings and Errol King, who opens a new restaurant chain called Oyster House, in Hong Kong and runs into the crime ring Bobby Cummings and Errol King ran into in France in HEAT. 
Oyster House Serial can be read separately from HEAT and Master Chefs, but features the same characters from both, along with new ones.

Will Bobby be able to handle the HEAT?
Find out today!
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