Virtual Personal Assistant Services include, but are not limited to:
✔ Helping manage social media accounts with and for the author.
  • Keep them interactive
  • Help with commenting and liking of external posts related to the author. 
✔ Help out with giveaways
  • Choosing winners. 
  • Sending out prizes (ebooks, paperbacks, etc.).
✔ Help share tour signups for the author booked via PR/Tour companies.
✔ Create and manage a Blogger Master List for the author.
✔ Assist with promotional graphics.
✔ Create Press Kits.
✔ Update and manage schedule
  • Help the author keep track of tasks and/or appointments
✔ Book online takeovers | events
✔ Reply to messages and emails on the author's behalf.

* Limited spaces available.
** Starting price: $275 per month or $15 per hour
*** For more information, email


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