Working with HEA Book Tours PR & More is always a pleasure! Ly is awesome with communication and always immediately responds to any questions or concerns I have. She routinely steps up and goes out of her way to do anything to help in any way she can. She radiates positivity and she genuinely cares about authors, books, and readers. One of my favorite things about working with her is that during blitzes, she tags me in every post so I can easily see which blogs have shared my books. This saves me so much time hunting them down myself. Ly is simply amazing and her promotion of authors always extends well beyond whatever blitz or tour we’re running together. 

(P.S. and she cracks me up when she squeals in PMs and I <3 her tons!!!)"
~ * ~

Lydia from HEA Book Tours, PR & More has yet to disappoint. She does everything she can and goes above and beyond to offer her support. There has never been a time that she has not completely outdone herself. I know when I am booking a tour with HEA Tours that I am getting every Dollars worth and more... I completely adore her as a person as well as a tour host. She never made one book appear more important than the next and does everything possible to get each book the recognition and acknowledgement. Lydia has never made empty promises...she is honest and trustworthy and my number one gal for all my tour needs. Highly recommended. Thank you Ly for everything you offer to each individual author. 
 C.A. Harms, Bestselling Author

~ * ~

I had a great experience with the Blitz Tour that Ly and HEA Book Tours, PR & More put together. I'd never done a blog tour before and Ly was great about answering all of my questions quickly. She was so organized, the tour went off without a hitch and she tagged me in posts so that I could easily find them on Facebook and on individual blogs. During the Blitz Tour, I had my best sales week to date, gained a lot of Twitter followers, almost doubled my Facebook page likes, and even had some traffic to my website where people signed up for my newsletter. It was exactly the kind of exposure I had hoped to get from the tour and I'd definitely recommend HEA Book Tours!

Thanks so much Ly, I've really enjoyed working with you. :)

~ * ~

Working with HEA Book Tours, PR & More has been an absolute dream. Lydia goes above and beyond in everything she does. From tagging you in every blog post so you don’t have to search for them, to making promotional images and answering even the smallest question. The services she provides are beneficial and executed flawlessly. She is incredibly efficient and her humor will keep you thoroughly entertained. I have used Lydia in every service her company offers and each time I am more pleased than the last.

~ * ~

If you want a successful book tour, then you want to work with HEA Book Tours, PR & More. Ly is phenomenal. Questions are answered quickly and everything will run smoothly, from blogger sign-ups, to arranging the giveaways, and preparation of promotional materials. Ly visits the bloggers’ sites and provides feedback, and promotes via FB and Twitter each day. She will do everything possible to get the word out about your novel. You won’t be disappointed. Her tour company is the one to choose!
— C.C Koen

~ * ~

I started working with Ly and HEA Book Tours, PR & More when I published my second novel Self Destruct. I was still a very new author, and had a lot to learn. Not only is Ly incredibly good at promotion, but she is also knowledgeable about many aspects of the self-publishing process. Her advice and promotion skills have made me a better author. 

~ * ~

While I was researching different book tour companies for my upcoming release, an author in my romance group highly recommended HEA Book Tours, PR & More. I decided to check them out, and I’m so glad I did! I’d never done a blitz or tour before, and I had tons of questions. Depending on the day, I varied from a little overwhelmed to downright frazzled, but Lydia was very patient and supportive. Even before I had booked any services with her, she took her time answering every concern, and she continued to be there for me each step of the way. Her uplifting personality put me at ease and made the entire process seamless. Lydia sincerely cares and will go above and beyond to ensure your book gets the attention and exposure it deserves. Just as HEA Book Tours was once recommended to me, I can wholeheartedly do the same to another now that I’ve worked with her. Thank you so much for everything, Lydia!
Bree Dahlia

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