Don't know what THUNDERCLAP is??

Well, here's a bit of info....

Thunderclap or "TC" is a program you sign up for and give it permission to post on your profile on your behalf. When you 'support a campaign', Thunderclap will automatically push out the information on the day specified.

How can you support a campaign?

Easy. Star off by clicking on the campaign link. Then, you click on the Facebook and/or Twitter icons and YOU'RE DONE. You've 'supported' that campaign with those social media platforms. Thunderclap will handle the rest, as in, it will post for you on the day the campaign launches. You don't have to remember to post anything, TC will handle it for you.

Ever heard of HeadTalker
It's essentially the same concept behind Thunderclap, but it allows campaigns to be launched with less supporters but yet the same, great level of social media exposure!

In both cases, if the minimum amount of supporters is NOT met, the campaigns won't launch.

We offer this amazing promotional platform to our authors!!
We create the campaigns and get the supporters needed.

Take a chance!
It provides a large exposure! 

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